Come for a one off personalised session, or add a session onto your adventure either as a warm up before, or a loosen off / relaxation following your activity.

During good weather enjoy your yoga session in some off the most beautiful surroundings in the country. Hillside Stables offers a tranquil private spot, amongst the resident animals, (see photos) looking onto a stunning valley and grit-stone edges. Alternatively your session can be arranged at one of many breathtaking sights. For indoor sessions Rock View Cottage Yoga Studio provides a calm and soothing atmosphere in candlelight accompanied with music.


Yoga is becoming more popular due to its recognised benefits for physical and mental health.

This activity runs all year round

Can be arranged as a one off activity, or as part of a package with another activity

Yoga in the Peak District

Yoga benefits all the systems in the body

Respiratory system:
Increases lung capacity, helps respiratory illnesses

Nervous system:
Greater control of movements and improves performance, keeps the mind sharp, helps reduce anxiety and calms the nerves, amplifies the immune system

Cardiovascular system:
Flushes out toxins, lowers the resting heart rate and blood pressure, improves blood circulation

Endocrine system:
Helps ailments or health problems resulting from hormonal disharmony or dysfunction, increases energy levels

Muscular skeletal system:
Stronger ligaments, improved joint stability and mobility, improved posture, increased bone density, increased strength and balance, helps against heart disease

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All equipment required for the activity is provided. Clients will need comfortable clothing for a yoga session.


Sessions are typically 90 minutes but can be shortend or extended to suit.


  • 3 or more participents

  • £10 / person
  • 2 participents

  • £15 / person
  • Single participent

  • £30


Hillside Stables

Safety information

Your teacher is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher.

Yoga at hillside Stables
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